Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 9: Drake Day 2, last full day aboard

A sad day indeed.

In the morning we went to some lectures. One was a movie called "Round the horn" which was film taken in 1929 by a sailor who was going on a hip to round Cape Horn which he showed in lectures for over 50 years before he finally decided to just do a voice over for it. It was amazing to see these men sailing these hugely masted ships in crazy crazy seas with no engines, just masts. We also had a lecture on "the thrill of krill" where we learned all about Krill and how it is the bases for most of the life in the Antarctic.

After lunch, we had good enough seas that we came up on the Pacific Ocean side of South America just so we could turn to the east and round cape horn ourselves, which is evidently a huge deal to maritime people. Now, I need to round the cape of Good Hope in Africa. :-) While we were doing this some Dolphins came up and were bow riding our wake, which was just perfect as a last awesome thing to happen on this trip. Nearly everyone of the passengers came out to see this and we all stood looking down over the bow to watch the dolphins play.

After that we got a ship tour of the arts of the ship that we have not as of yet been allowed to go into - the engine room, science center, more detail on the bridge, and the control room. Then up to the bar where we had a recap of the trip, and all of the places that we stopped and we watched a slide show of some of the best pictures that were taken by passengers on the trip. Quite a few of Chris and my pictures got into the slide show so that was really cool. Lastly, we had the Captains dinner and everyone got really sad when we realized that this was the next to last time that we'd all eat together. We went up to the bar for a little bit to visit with people and said some thank yous to the crew. Tomorrow we have to get up early, have some breakfast and then we are off to our hotel in Ushuaia, where we will stay for a few more days while exploring this area. A bunch of us from the ship are going to meet up and have dinner together mostly because we are not ready to say goodbye yet.

I sure hope that the rest of our trip (we have 3 more weeks!!!) is as awesome as this has been.

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