Monday, March 27, 2017

Konichiwa From Nihon!

We've been really busy the past week, so we haven't had much chance to post. Here are a few pics from the journey so far. It's been a while since I've used blogger or edited html, so apologies if this is a bit basic.
We spent the first week of our trip in Shinjuku, a very vibrant, interesting part of Tokyo.
Second morning was rainy and we made a trip to nearby Shibuya to get some special Hodohoku makeup brushes. The huge crossing at Shibuya was quite wet.
The next day we went to Tokyo Tower which looks a lot like the Eiffel Tower.
We had reservations at the stupefying Robot Restaurant back in Shinjuku and had to rush back to make it in time. Many, many pictures to come. No picture can really give you the true experience of Robot Restaurant. Kind of like the Matrix, it cannot be explained, only experienced.

Later in the week we went on a Sakura Tour, but there weren't a lot of cherry blossoms open yet. On the way we ran into a lot of college students in formal dress for their graduation.

So many cute signs, everywhere.
On Friday we went to Tokyo DisneySea with our friend Sayaka, who greatly improved our experience here by explaining all sorts of Japanese things and translating for us and generally being awesome.

Random Tokyo scene...

Saturday was rainy again, so we went to the Natural History Museum, along with a lot of other people.

That's all for now!