Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The story so far...

The run down of yesterday:

I landed crazy early, got a can to the hotel, had a shower, did a face mask, and a nap. My pals showed up around 2 and we went to have some dim sum and then to the peak, which has amazing views!

We then went to Tim Ho Wan, which is the cheapest Michelin Star-rated restaurant in the world, had some pork buns that I would classify as "transcendent", were handed toilet paper when we asked for napkins, and got a bill for $20 for 3 stuffed people. I paid half if that for a coke at my hotel earlier that day.

We came back and watched the light show from my hotel room, cuz, well, the view is amazing:

And went to sleep.

Well, until like 4 am when I was wide awake. *sigh*

So far today we have gone on the mid-level escalators, which take 20 minutes to summit, been on the Star Ferry, tried on a $15k Alexander McQueen purse at the LandMark Atrium (which is like Rodeo Drive in a mall format), lost 16 lbs in water weight due to excessive humidity and temperature, and have eaten at at a Joel Robuchon restaurant.

Busy day so far!

I'm at the hotel, flopping, now before we go see the bird market and the night market and have dinner tonight.

Oddly, I'm not taking a ton of pictures cuz I'm not sure how interesting a million pictures of storefronts of places that I can't even afford to window-shop at are to people, but I'm grabbing some choice ones where possible like these:

Hong Kong, you are weird, and CRAZY sweaty, but I like you!

More later!