Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 8: the Drake Passage Home

Today was an open sea day, while crossing the Drake. We started out with a rolling swell that merely made us all walk like we were drunk, but by the evening, has turned into quite a ride. We keep crashing down really hard on the bow of the ship, and we're pretty lucky that everyone has some sort of medicine. My patch makes me really sleepy. I took a total of 7 naps yesterday and 5 today.

In between naps, We had more on board education. We had a seminar on whales and how to identify them from the surface based on what their fins and back look like when they come up to breathe, and there was also a talk on Antarctic explorers. In the afternoon, we had a lecture on albatross and how different Antarctic fishing practices are really harmful to the birds. Lastly, we heard from Woody, our Expedition leader, about the trips that they have in the Arctic region (this crew frequently rides this ship up north to do different tours of the Arctic as well. I totally want to go.)

In the evening we had a Champagne toast and the they held an auction of really cool stuff to raise money for the albatross foundation. They sold off the log book from our trip, the navigational charts that the Russion crew was keeping while we were out, some bottled glacier water from one of our landings, etc. It was great fun and they ended up raising over $5k.

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