Saturday, October 11, 2014

The story continues...

So yesterday we went to the Chaing Kai-Sek Memorial and the Taipei Main Station/mall, which was fun. We had, as you probably saw, more Shanghai Buns (and again today) as well as a mango ice! We took it fairly easy in the evening as we were both tired and I wasn't felling 100%.

Today we went to Eslite Bookstore compound, which does house an amazing bookstore, but also a rather snooty selection of other cool shopping opportunities. We did avail ourselves if some if that as well as some if the tea in the tea shop. After, we walked to Taipei 101, which for quite some time was the tallest building in the world. We went to Zara in the mall at the bottom and then proceeded to the top for the obligatory tourist experience. What makes that building so different than other crazy tall buildings that I have been in is that there's NOTHING even remotely close in size in the entire country, so it simply towers above everything. You can see it from everywhere and the view from the top is singularly amazing. Also, instead of a clear glass floor, they have a mirrored one, with signage to assist the ladies in remembering their modesty. Then we went back to the bookstore basement for some chow because they have a gourmet food court at the bottom. I actually managed a very tasty cheese and meat plate!

Tomorrow our journey comes to a close, but we will have find memories of Hong King and Taiwan to take home with us. And one million really cheap face masks. (The skin care here is CRAZY cheap.)

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