Thursday, October 9, 2014

The last couple of days

Have been super light on pictures because yesterday we went waaaaaay out to the edge of town and went to a public bath hot spring, which was very cool (hot), but no pictures obviously. It was also the one night we did not go to a night market, but ducked out to a really cool little street near us for some Shanghai food.

Today we went to the National museum, which was crazy and amazing and badly curated, but with great tour guides. Sadly, no pictures were allowed, but it was a spectacle to behold China's treasures anyway!

Tomorrow, I think we are going to run around the city and do some things recommended by Nancy and some other friends so hopefully I will have something exciting to show you. In the mean time, here's some tasty, tasty food. The dumplings in the pan are shanghai dumplings which are cooked like a deep fish pizza and crispy on the bottom and sides where they touch the pan. So very very tasty! The things on a stick are cherry tomatoes which have been candied! they were also really wonderful! We also tried roasted water caltrops, which are like 1/2 way between a potato and a macadamia nut in a hard shell - weird, but tasty and very good with fire meat (the meat cooked with a blow torch, which I cannot get enough of)!

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