Friday, October 4, 2013

What I have learned in Morocco, part 1

- People drive around all over the place with their car doors not totally closed. Our driver, Jamal, is very upset about this.

- There are a lot of stairs in this country, and, evidently, I need to go up all of them.

- My right knee is not made to go up stairs.

- Mules are worth more than donkeys.

- What is behind the door is NEVER like what is in front of the door. It's usually way more awesome.

- No one in Fez wears a Fez. Well, they do, but only old guys and not very often.

- Back in the day, people used to group poop. We saw where it happened. Gross.

- There are alternating smells here. Good smell, bad smell. Good smell, bad smell. It's very confusing.

- There are community ovens here. You bring your dough in the morning and pick up at lunchtime. The baker can tell your dough from the dough of 2,500 other people by sight alone. It's crazy.

- Marble used to be worth it's weight in sugar.

More as I get them!

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