Thursday, November 8, 2012


On Wednesday, Amber had an appointment, so I went to the fabric market to pick up my coats. 2/3 were done and the last one wasn't, so I will go back Monday to pick that one up (hopefully). The two i picked up turned out beautifully! After that we got ready and headed to the train station to go to Beijing.

The train was much nicer than expected! I'll post some pictures that I took with my real camera when I return to the states, but it was clean and quiet an although wee had someone else in our room, it was pleasant enough.

We arrived in Beijing this morning, dropped our stuff off at our hotel, and went to the summer palace, which was huge and beautiful, then Tienenmien Square and the Forbidden city. We didn't get to go into the paid part of the forbidden city a it was too late in the day, but hopefully we will go back and be able to go inside on Saturday. Then we went to a restaurant famous for their Peking duck, which is what Beijing is famous for in general, and had some. It was delish! After dinner, we went walking around and found a gigantic area for shopping of all kinds and meandered around for a while checking that out. It was beautiful and I tried this very strange dessert thing that appears to be tiny apples skewered and soaked in hardened sugar. Maybe that's not why it is at all. Whatever it was, it was good! :-)

Tomorrow we are to get up early to take a day tour to the Great Wall and to the Ming Tombs! I am excited!!

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