Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looooong day of shopping!

First we went to the fabric market again by accident because we thought we found another one, but turns out it QA the same as where we had already been to where we dickered down a bunch of warm clothes for Morgan to wear in Beijing. I didn't let amber be nice to them and I had a mission and totally jammed through there and got good prices. We then went to a second market that actually had fabric, but it was very low quality and they didn't have the fabric I wanted so I didn't get any. I think this trip is a bust for fabric, although I did get a meter each of 4 really nice brocades at the silk factory that are someday destined to be corsets.

Then we went to a big market thing that totally is made for westerners to get a chinese vibe, but it feels so silly to me, but we had a lot of fun an got a bunch of neat stuff. I got some neat art things as a small souvenir etc. We also went to the tea market and got tea toys and a bunch of tea. I hope it's good!

We had some dinner and sesame balls and came home after a long day of shopping!

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