Friday, November 2, 2012


Friday was my first real day able to do anything functional, so amber and I went to The Bund, to see the views of Shanghai and the Pearl. I cant tell from sending email what order these will come out in, but there's a view from the Bund, some of the old architecture on this side of the river (reminds me a lot of Buenos Aires), a shot of the Pearl during the day, one of People's Square walkway, which is kind of like times Square or Picadilly Circus, and then my duck ramen for lunch (Nancy would be proud!).

After that, we went to get train and plane tickets to go to Beijing and Xi'an and then had some yum-tastic Indian at the Pearl Market. That place is crazy. There's just stall after stall of people selling millions of Pearls. Im not actually very into Pearls, but I'll probably go back when I have more time and check it out a little better. After dinner we went to a DVD store. That was pretty awesome. ;-)

Today I think we are going to go to the fabric market. We'll see how that turns out!

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