Thursday, November 1, 2012

Airplane movie reviews

Flight time: 12 hours 45 minutes

Happy Feet 2 - I thought it was way better than the first one, which I liked, but thought it got pretty preach-y at the end. This was a shorter and less radon story-line. I liked it, which I did not anticipate.

The Amazing Spiderman - this was my second go on this one. I liked it the first time and I think I liked it even better the second time.

Corpse bride - you know, I think this is only the second time watching this one for me. I own it, I just never seem to get there. I liked it better the second time around as well! Perfect for a Halloween spent on a plane.

The Artist - I had never seen this before. I'm not sure that I understood that this was actually a sort of silent movie. I just thought it was about silent movies. Either way, I liked it a lot and thought the cinematography was perfect and the score was wonderful! The way things slowly develop in the work was really well done.

Hocus Pocus - dude. It's Halloween and I confess to loving this movie, so I kind of had to.

Madagascar 3 - I also was surprised to find that I really liked this movie. It was way better than the last two. I think adding an actual bad guy helped a lot. I actually would recommend this one!

And then I watched 30 minutes of Harry Potter 1, since I had some time to kill. So it's, you know, Thursday. :-)

Anyway, I didn't totally freak out. But I have been awake for 23 hours at this point so hopefully I'll adjust to the time quickly.

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