Friday, May 18, 2012

Chris is out in Utah Photographing the solar eclipse!

Here's a flickr set of his first few hours in Utah when he visited Pioneer Square and the Mormon Temple there. 

Salt Lake Mormon Temple


In case you are interested in the Eclipse part, we will have an "Ring of Fire" eclipse on Sunday, May 20. You can go here or here to figure out what time where you are (if it will happen for you), and here's a test shot he took of the sun the other day to make sure he could get it to happen (there are both sunspots visible as well as the clouds that were laying over the sun at the time):

He happens to be in utah, because Bryce Canyon is directly in the center path of the eclipse, so he will be able to take pictures of both a National Park that he loves as well as this really cool event!

Here's an pretty interesting short video about the eclipse and what will hapen:
Either He or I will post more pictures as they come in!

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