Monday, July 4, 2011

Ghetto connectivity here!!!

So, I an trying to connect to the Internet here to upload my photos of our time at the Fjordlands, but the Internet seems to only work on my phone and my computer can't find it at all right now. This is a terrible bummer, but I can at least tell you all what happened.

On Friday, we basically rented a car and mashed 4 fairly large people and Amber into a relatively small vehicle and drove for7 hours back and forth along a bunch of fjords on pretty bad roads (I rode back-seat-in-the-middle-with-the-hump style for 1/2 of this) to get to the town of 300 people in the middle of nowhere where Vigfus' wife is from. That night, we attended a family party and then Chris and I crashed out while our pals went to another bar party at the hotel (the only bar or restaurant in said village).

Saturday we woke up, had breakfast and went to the local pool, which is kept toasty hot by the local geothermal heated water. I am officially so white that I got a sun-burn after 1.5 hours in a tub in Iceland. Lame. Anyway, Morgan, Amber and I went to a nearby town through a tunnel through a mountain that actually has a fork in it, it is so long, and you have 3 options of which way to go, to get some lunch while Will and Chris climbed a huge hill. After that, we attended Vigfus' wedding, which was all in Icelandic, but it was basically the same as ours. The party after went until just before 4 am, which didn't seem to matter, as it was still light out.

We stumbled out of bed in Sunday for brunch with the Fuses, and then piled into the car. We visited the bird cliffs of the western fjords and saw puffins. The drive was really beautiful, but except for a couple of waterfalls, it all doesn't seem to come across on film very well. We finally found a hotel at like 1 am and parked for the evening. There's really not much out there. A "town" may consist of a farm and that's it. There's rarely any services and even fewer hotels, and pretty much no food. It was an strange day.

Today we got up, ate, and drove the south peninsula on our way back to Reykjavik. Again, very pretty to drive through, not much on camera. We did stop for a cave tour through some lava caves at one point, which was pretty cool. All-in-all just a lot of scenic driving while packed in like sardines in a small car for several days punctuated by drinking heavily in the middle.

The roads are pretty odd in that they transition from dirt to pavement with Bo sense, they don't have guard rails on huge cliffs that have crazy drop offs, but random straight-aways get full coverage and they have a love of signage in the middle if the two lanes in blind hill tops with sharp lefts right afterward that don't actually tell you any of that. They just tell you which side if the sign to be on. Iceland is odd.

We arrived back in Rek this evening, had some weird hot dogs, some pretty odd but tasty hot chocolate and then punishes ourselves by going to see the Transformers movie. Um. Yeah. They have cotton candy that mysteriously tastes Luke chicken teryaki and the also abruptly stop the movie at a critical action point so they can have intermission. This is dine with no signal or signage. It's just what they do here. How odd.

Anyway, it's 3 am, and the sun is down, but it is perfectly light out. Tomorrow we are going to head toward the blue lagoon, which is a big attraction here, and see what the healing waters will do for us.

Yay! Chris for my computer to find the Internet so pictures from at least 3 days are uploading now. I'll try and do a photo post tomorrow so you can see some of what we saw. In the mean time, you can go check them out for yourselves.

We hope that you all had an awesome 4th if July! We had a pretty good one! Iceland is odd, but cool!

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