Monday, July 11, 2011

Chris' Week In Iceland Part 2

The next morning we piled into our rented SUV and headed to the northwest part of the island, where the wedding was to be held.

There were a lot of sheep on the way.

Road Sheep

Icelandic sheep wander the fields for the summer. They're very cute. We traversed a lot of winding roads until eventually we made it to Suðureyri, where Solveig is from, and where the wedding would be held. There was a pre-wedding party that evening, but Noelle and I were too pooped from traveling to attend.

The next day, while some of our group went to the local hot spring fed pool, Will and I climbed up the hillside of the hill that made half of the fjord.

Suðureyri Harbor

It was a tough climb, but we made it up eventually and made it back in time to get cleaned up for the wedding. It was held in a beautiful Lutheran church in town.

The Bride Enters!

Solveig and Vigfus Kiss

Things went perfectly and everyone was happy.

Morgan and Will

Morgan and Amber

Afterwards there was a reception that went until all hours.

Wedding Favors

Wedding Candles

Bride's Bouquet

Wedding Presents

Noelle at the Wedding

We waited at the reception hall for a while until the Solveig and Vigfus drove up.

The Bride and Groom Arrive At the Reception

Another Kiss

They came inside and the reception started in earnest! Some people from our table:

Laura and Haldor

Guðren and Snorri



The cake was delicious!

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

Afterwards there was lots of celebrating and storytelling and toasts. I made a friend:

I Make A Friend

Eventually, though, the party had to end and we, exhausted, had to get some sleep, midnight sun, or no midnight sun.

End of the Evening

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