Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The saga of today

Before we tell you about how awesome the previous 3 days were, i'll tell you about why we are totally zoned out and seriously considering sleeping through La Paz (aside from the fact that we have been go-go-go for 5 weeks now):

Last night we stayed in a hotel with a bed made of plywood and a gym mat until 1 am. Then we got on a train to a small town 1/2 way to La Paz with "sleeper cars" which were like flying on a plane, not like your own cabin. You only can lean back a little, took that 7 hours to this small town and then had a driver take us 4 hours to La Paz through constant stop and go, horn honking, speed bumps before EVERY stop light throughout the who journey, etc., that made it all really hard to sleep.

The trip here is the first time during the whole trip that made us less than jazzed at where we were. The small towns are trashed with garbage everywhere, but La Paz seems better and its actually kind of an amazing city. I guess in Bolivia, I like the middle of nowhere and the city, but the small towns make me kind of sad.

However, to end on a funny (maybe terrifying) note, we saw a car (when I say car, i mean like a VW Rabbit) in one town with 4 whole sheep tied to the roof of the car with a bunch more inside. I thought they were certainly dead and going to get processed, but I did note the odd lack of blood stains on them. Chris says that's because they were alive. He said he may have been hallucinating, but he swears that he saw one lift it's head up and look right at him. We were both too dumbstruck at the sight of a tiny car with sheep (alive or dead) strapped to it to actually get out our cameras, sadly. Those poor sheep! Imagine strapping your dog or cat to the roof of the car and heading out! Anyway... Don't see that every day!

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