Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For those of you still following...

Chris is starting to process some of his pictures. It's a slow process because he actually cares what they look like and does some work to make them the best that they can be (unlike me who uploads whatever comes out of the camera) (ok, actually, I filter out all the photos of my pocket and the ones that look exactly the same and give you sort of the best ones, i just don't do any processing or correction on them.), and he's very choosy about which ones he displays, so keep your eye out for them. He posts them to his Flickr site, and I will try and alert you when they show up in batches and post some of them here.

Here's what we got recently:
Contemplating the Sea

Brash Ice Beach Ball

Freshly Washed Gentoo

Chinstrap Nap

Ice Sheet Detail

Leopard Seal Wave

Cathedral Iceberg #1

Hope you enjoy!

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