Thursday, February 17, 2011

We are in the oddest place ever

Ok, so Chris says to me "hey, let's go to El Calafate, where there's a bunch of mountains and glaciers!" I say "yay! Let's go!"* Then, my friend on the boat says "oh, the glaciers there are a trip because it's all green forested right up to the glacier!"

Ok, close your eyes. Picture that.

Now here's where I am. A gigantic desert. Like full on, Arizona-style flat and brown.


I can, in fact, see snow-capped mountains in the distance, and there's a gigantic, ice-blue (glacier fed) lake very close to here, where tomorrow, we will get on a boat for 8 hours and they will take us to the faces of a bunch of glaciers that are all facing the water. Still. This place is absolutely NOT what I expected. It *is* nice that it is warmer here. We can wear t-shirts only during the day. The town is kind of cool with shops and restaurants; it reminds me of the towns in Utah and Colorado, especially with their faux log-cabin facings.

I'm just tripping out that somehow, I am in a desert. How odd.

Oh, and they have a whole shop full of those pervy fairy statues that I showed you a picture of from Ushuaia. What's up with that?

*this is Noelle filter paraphrased, of course

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