Thursday, February 24, 2011

Possibly another sad "things are crazy, I'll post later" post

So we got up at 5:30. I made Chris very sorry about that for a while, and then we headed to the airport to go to Calama. I slept on the plane, I was so tired (i usually cannot manage to do this properly), next to the most wired 16 year old on the planet. Ugh. Looking out the window upon landing was like looking at the Sahara. Sand dunes forever.

We got to Calama, grabbed our bags and hopped on a mini-bus to San Pedro de Atacama. The bus promptly broke down right outside of the airport. A new bus showed up in 15 minutes to take us away. On the bus we met a guy from London and a retired professor of USF who lives in Mexico now. We got to the town, checked on and went to lunch. Our friend from London was at the restaurant so we ate together. We then hopped on a 4 hour hour of the valley of the moon. It was really a trip, and very much does look like the moon in some places.

We walked through washout shoots, up to the top of dunes and visited a few other awesome places there before enjoying sunset and returning for dinner. The mountains there are literally solid salt, with forth just on the surface. If you wipe the dirt off, it looks like a huge crystal mountain, it's kind of crazy.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be eating soup so I'll post pictures later, but I did not want to neglect you all!

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