Thursday, February 3, 2011

One more day...


The Andes are crazy craggy!

Today we had free to wander around Ushuaia proper so we went down for a walk through downtown, which is essentially one street. There are actually something like 46,000 people who live down here, but it's a pretty small town anyway. The shops here are kind of strange. I found creepy baby dolls:


and pervy elf statues (the man-elf is totally peeking up the skirt of the female elf) (sorry Grandma, had to show this one):

Ushuaia - perverted elf statues

We had some excellent hot chocolate and pankeque de dulche de leche at the chocolateria:
Ushuaia - chocolateria

And made note of our position on the planet:

I found a really cool wall mural and it hd a steampunk chick on it:

We also went to the museum here of the native peoples of the area and saw their huts and learned about how they lived (sparsely). I am reminded of Where the Wild Things Are:

Now we are getting ready for dinner and then will finish packing up for embarcation tomorrow. I hope this all goes well

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