Sunday, January 30, 2011

I totaly did it... I am such an embarassment to my country.

Today I stood where Evita stood and I simply could not help myself. I had to sing "Don't cry for me Argentina" out to the streets of Plaza de Mayo. I'm a total embarrassment, I know. Chris has pictures of me singing like Madonna like Evita, but until then, this is what the view looked like while I sang:
Buenos Aires

First, however, let me say that is is a mere 38 degrees here. I have no idea what that actually is, but it's EFFING HOT. Like Africa Hot. Crazy, not fun, wall of hot hot.

We got up and went to the San Talmo market which was muy bueno, except for the whole hot thing. It's a really huge street fair/antiques market where they sell pretty much everything you can think of. Some of you will get presents from here.
Buenos Aires

We had a tasty lunch in a cafe there and then headed to Teatro Colon, which is supposed to be one of the world's premier opera houses, only to find out that it is closed until March, so I guess we have a reason to come back to Buenos Aires. Honestly, I don't need a reason; this city is really neat - I'd come back any time.
Buenos Aires

So we packed it on over to Cafe Tortoni, which is a 150 year old cafe in Buenos Aires that looks pretty much the same as when it opened.
Buenos Aires

Then we went back to the national Cathedral so Chris could have some more time to take pictures (that's the church that looks like a museum).
Buenos Aires

We were walking around Plaza de mayo when we noted that they were having tours of the presidential palace, so we decided to go on one even though it was all in Spanish. They actually took us all the way into the office of the president (she was not in house today), which I thought was really cool.
Buenos Aires

After that we walked to the port to get tickets to go to Uruguay for the day tomorrow. We are headed to a preserved colonial town called, of all things, Colonia. Here's some info on that in case you are interested.

Tuesday we plan on picking up anything we missed - maybe going back to the cemetery to take more pictures - and packing before we head to Ushuaia on Wednesday. At that point, posting will get spotty depending on what happens there for 2 days and then not at all for 11 days while we are on the boat, but I will blog as /i go and then bulk post them all when I get back.

Hope you all have a good week!

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