Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Day In Buenos Aires

Man, I'm beat. We had a fairly reasonable flight from LAX to Santiago (10.5 hours), although we were pretty tired by the end of it. Just a couple hours in the terminal and another 95 minute flight to Buenos Aires and we were ready to go. Well, after clearing customs (the $140 reciprocity fee actually got us through customs faster), getting a cab, and driving to the hotel. After roughly 24 hours on the move, we finally got our hotel room and crashed for a few hours.

BA is a pretty interesting city so far. My miniscule comprehension of Spanish and the locals ability to speak English has gotten me a lot farther than I had expected, so that was a relief. Noelle speaks Spanish, so that also helps. After our nap we went down Calle Florida, which has the most unbelievable number of street vendors I've ever seen. Block after block of them. We had dinner at a cafe and we saw the presidential palace and the 25 Julio Square. Some of the architecture is really beautiful, some appears to be people throwing apartments together with whatever building materials happened to be at hand. The downtown area is pretty nice, what we've seen of it so far.

Tomorrow we have a visit to Tango dinner show and a bus tour of the city on our agenda. Hopefully we will not have jet lag. Feel pretty good now (had a headache on the flight, that was moderately miserable), we'll see what tomorrow brings. Didn't take any pictures today. I just wanted to get a feel for what the city was like and unwind from the flight.

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